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My job became my hobby
Peter has been a professional photographer for 40 years and, about 20 years ago, he discovered underwater photography and his job became his hobby.
Is it possible to be involved in underwater photography all year round without a break? Actually "yes" because, photography under water is very different. A lot of relearning has to take place and you can switch off. Also his wife and son dive with him. You don't have to drag your equipment around, they are weightless as you float from one shot to the next. By the way, cameras: It started with a FUJI Quicksnap Flash in a plastic housing and for a long time a NIKON RS using FUJI film was the camera of choice. In 2007, advances in digital photography made it possible to go digital and switch to a FUJI S5 Pro camera in a Seacam underwater housing.

We specialise in doing (above and below water) reports for serious concerns such as owners of live-aboard boats, or diving stations.
We offer them presentation folders and photo CDs that can be used as illustrations or on their websites

Royalties for the use of pictures are calculated on an individual basis. The price depends on the medium and the type and coverage of the intended use. The granting of picture and text material usage rights is covered by the applicable general terms and conditions of business.

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